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HR technology can do a lot for a thriving business, but you need to know how to use it. Here are our top tips to get you started.

If you’re looking to improve performance and boost employee engagement within your organisation, you might have considered investing in performance management software. Doing so would be a wise move, considering how this HR software can promote regular feedback, assist with employee development and track regular performance discussions between manager and employee.

But, as with most things in life, you need to setup and use performance management software in the right way in order to get the most out of it. Below are the integral dos and don’ts of using performance management software in order to improve company performance in the long run.

DO employ the KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid!) rule with regards to performance management software

The phrase ‘Keep it simple, stupid’ is believed to have been coined by Kelly Johnson as a design principle used in the US Navy. The premise is that the best systems are simple and straightforward — and this is a principle that should certainly be considered with relation to performance management software.

It can be tempting to get carried away with the possibilities when using software, but if you want to effectively embed it into your existing performance management system and want employees to use it regularly, it needs to be simple and streamlined. The software is a performance management tool that should help to support and encourage frequent feedback and meaningful conversations, rather than getting in the way of them and creating bureaucracy.

DO find performance management software that is intuitive and user-friendly

Not all performance management software packages will be right for you. Some will require a period of training and not all businesses have the time and resources to spare. For this reason, you should shop around to make sure that the performance management software you purchase is intuitive and user-friendly.

Always keep in mind the fact that if users have to be trained in how to use it, then it’s not intuitive enough. The platform should be clear and obvious so users can focus on having great conversations and giving regular feedback rather than working out how to use the software.

DO find performance management software that trains as well as serves

You want a performance management software that will support and encourage best performance management practice, which is why we at Clear Review have incorporated performance management guidance videos into the software itself.

These videos cover essential skills including setting SMART objectives, having quality conversations and giving meaningful feedback. This way, managers are well-informed and equipped, able to access useful information whenever they need it.

DON’T assume performance management software will cure all your company’s issues single-handedly

Performance management software is a great tool, but it won’t work miracles as soon as it is implemented. To create a genuine performance management culture, any software needs to be supported by a well thought out change and communication plan, with buy-in from the top.

As with any other organisational change, the incorporation of performance management software into your business will take time and effort — but the payoff will be worth it in the end.

DON’T expect the software to be implemented overnight

You might be excited about your new performance management software package, but try to manage your expectations. It’s possible that, initially, not everyone will be as thrilled as you are – your managers will have many demands competing for their attention.

So after you do your launch, don’t expect everyone to start using the software regularly from then on. New habits take time to develop, so you’ll need to support the new software on an ongoing basis with periodic communications (including emails, newsletters, posters, etc.). Here at Clear Review, we provide our customers with a 12-month communication plan template and template comms materials to help encourage the adoption of the software and new performance management processes.

To stay competitive, your company needs to take full advantage of any and all opportunities to improve productivity levels and business performance. To find out how Clear Review performance management software can help take your business to new heights, book your free performance management software demo.