What measures are you putting in place to attract and retain the next generation? Evidence suggests you should start with your employee appraisal software

We’re all looking for ways to attract and retain young talent, while keeping them engaged and focused. There are a lot of questions to consider in this regard, but according to a new employee experience study by Adobe, technology such as employee appraisal software is critical when it comes to building a positive employee experience. In fact, the study showed that 50% of the recipients rated workplace technology as more important than perks such as cutting-edge office design and free food. For this reason, technology has been termed the ‘future of work’.

Below, we’ll look at the best and most notable ways in which performance management software could make a difference to your business, lifting levels of employee engagement, morale and productivity.

Performance management software can improve collaboration, teamwork and communication

According to Gallup, what your performance management system needs most — and what your company truly needs to succeed — is a mixture of collaboration, teamwork and communication.

Of course, performance management software isn’t essential when it comes to encouraging these three elements, nor does it guarantee an improvement in these areas. Having said that, software like this can be a great tool, if you use it well. Performance management software facilitates real-time communication and collaboration between colleagues. It can be used to solicit and deliver feedback, as well as managing one-to-one meetings. Business are changing at a much faster rate these days so communication is more important than ever When considering performance management software, be sure to find one that prioritises and facilitates in-person conversations rather than just form filling.

Performance management software can help you transition away from annual reviews

You’re probably aware that most companies are saying goodbye to the traditional annual performance review. They’re a huge drain on time, with the average manager spending more than 200 hours a year on activities relating to the annual performance review. To make matters even worse, 90% of HR leaders believe annual appraisals don’t yield any valuable data. So, in this new world of continuous performance management, the right performance management software can help us with the transition.

If you’re looking to change your performance management system, it will do you no good to hold onto your out-of-date and ill-fitting software. Opt instead for purpose-built continuous employee appraisal software that will help you schedule and manage one-to-ones, monitor SMART objectives and allow for in-the-moment feedback. Our own Clear Review software is the simplest performance management system in the world and also includes video tutorials on key performance management skills.

Performance management software can help you focus on what really matters

HR has always had a fixation on figures; data tends to rule the HR world and this has been the case for a long time. After all, without data, how can we really know whether employees are performing to standard, whether they are improving, or how to inspire greater levels of productivity?

That said, we predict that the type of data focused on will change greatly in the coming years. In fact, we believe this so much that we have stated it is one of the top performance management trends of 2018. As we move toward the conclusion of another decade, the focus on performance management data will shift from completion ratings to manager impact.

This means we are going to have to track new information, such as the frequency and quality of one-to-ones being held between manager and employee. Data will also need to be collected on how frequently feedback is being given and how employee morale and performance are influenced by these meetings. Performance management software can help you with this data, giving you the insight you need to know where to focus your efforts within the organisation.

Although we believe it’s a great idea for businesses to adopt more modern performance management software, we need to remember that people are always at the heart of your success. This is something we keep in mind at Clear Review, and something we design into our product. More than anything, what will ensure great success in your company is a focus on employee engagement, experience and satisfaction.

If performance management software is the future of work, we at Clear review can help your business to succeed. We’ll show you how to revolutionise your performance management system and how to prepare for the influx of Generation Z. View a 7 minute demo now.