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One-to-one meeting template

by | Jul 20, 2015 | Tools and Downloads

Research from the likes of the Corporate Executive Board and Deloitte has found that having regular one-to-one meetings (or ‘check-ins’) with employees and giving frequent feedback has a much greater impact on employee performance and engagement than annual appraisals alone. But what should be discussed at these check-in meetings?

We’ve created a check-in meeting template that you can use to help your employees and managers structure their regular one-to-one discussions.


Using the one-to-one meeting template

Here are some tips for getting the most out of one-to-one meeting with employees:

  • The frequency of one-to-one meetings tends to vary by organisation from weekly to quarterly. Monthly meetings are a good starting point.
  • One-to-ones are most likely to happen when they are initiated by the employee. This is the approach that Deloitte advocates for its own employees.
  • One-to-one meetings have most impact when the employee owns the agenda and runs the meeting.
  • The meeting will be more effective if the employee reads the prompt questions and prepares some points for discussion in advance of the meeting.
  • The employee should do the bulk of the talking with the manager asking questions and actively listening.
  • Not all questions in our one-to-one meeting template need to be discussed at every single meeting. Ideally both parties should read through the prompt questions each time, but only discuss the most relevant items. This keeps the meetings from getting too long.
  • One-to-one meeting appointments should be always be kept whenever possible. If a meeting must be postponed, it should ideally be rescheduled for the same day or the next day.
  • Agreed action points should be followed up as soon as possible after the meeting.
  • One-to-ones will have a greater impact on employee performance and employee engagement if managers are trained in how to give effective feedback and use coaching techniques.

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