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Our Story

Clear Review was founded by Stuart Hearn, a former HR Director at Sony and performance management consultant. Having experienced what worked and what didn’t work for performance management in numerous companies, he envisioned a new kind of performance management software that would:

Make performance and development human and meaningful for employees and impactful for organisations

Achieving our Vision

To achieve this vision of making performance management meaningful for employees and managers and impactful for companies, our team started with a completely blank sheet of paper. We considered what processes would best encourage improved employee performance, based on a combination of our own experience in performance management consulting, the latest research into employee performance and engagement, and what new approaches were being adopted by leading organisations.

It was immediately clear that performance improvement is achieved, not through annual appraisals and form filling, but through a combination of:

  • Regular, future-focused, performance and development conversations
  • Continuous feedback
  • Near-term goals that are reviewed regularly

So we built Clear Review with these three concepts at the centre. But we also recognised that organisations periodically need some form of measurement to help inform decisions about pay and promotion. So we designed a simple and effective way to enable organisations to collate this data, without having to do formal annual appraisals.


Our Guiding Principles

Principle 1 – Engagement

The best performance management process in the world will add no value unless people use it. So getting engagement from users is critical when it comes to performance management. We do this in Clear Review by keeping everything simple and making sure that all our features add value to users so that they genuinely want to use the system. Features that would increase complexity but add little value (e.g. employee self-assessments) have been deliberately left out.

This has paid dividends and our customers achieve superb user adoption rates with Clear Review – see this video case study from Clydesdale & Yorkshire Banking Group as an example.

Principle 2 – Improvement

Clear Review is 80% about performance improvement and 20% about measurement. Clear Review focuses on features that will improve and develop employees, whilst still providing the most important measurements that companies need in order to make their business decisions. Most other performance management software is the other way around – they are 80% about measurement which doesn’t lead to improved employee performance and usually results in poor user adoption.

Principle 3 – Insight

When you achieve high user engagement with performance management, you can then get accurate insights from the data as it is based on meaningful user interaction¬†rather than ‘forced form-filling’. We provide insight through detailed reports and summary charts that can be analysed for trends, both organisation-wide and by division or department.


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