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Annual performance appraisals aren’t improving performance


of managers aren’t satisfied with them


Only 8%

of companies say they drive high levels of value


The alternative to annual appraisals – that actually works

Are you dissatisfied with time consuming and administratively heavy processes that add little value?

Our agile performance management framework empowers regular, meaningful manager-employee dialogue simply and easily.

Performance Management Software

“More things in business life should be this easy to work with!”

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How it works

The core principles of Continuous Performance Management


Increase the quality and frequency of performance and development conversations with Check-ins. Clear Review ensures that Check-ins are regular, meaningful and that action points are followed up.

Real-time Feedback

Managers and peers can quickly and easily give in-the-moment feedback, proven to increase performance by up to 39%.

Aligned SMART Objectives

Clear Review empowers employees to collaborate with their managers to set SMART Objectives that are aligned to your overall business goals and can be updated throughout the year.

Hassle-Free Performance Reviews

Our unique Viewpoints feature enables performance reviews to be completed by managers in minutes rather than hours, whilst still giving HR the data they need to make reward and promotion decisions.

Benefits of our Performance Management Software

Less administration

No more paperwork, everything is managed online via desktop, tablet or mobile. Automated workflows and notifications ensure that the important things get done.

Complete visibility

Lightning-fast reports give you complete visibility of what is happening across the organisation, from completion rates through to training needs and performance ratings.

No training needed

Clear Review is so intuitive that you won’t need to train your staff in how to use it. Engaging video content helps your people to set high quality objectives and give effective feedback.

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Your Questions Answered

Is Clear Review cloud based?
Yes, Clear Review is 100% cloud based so there’s no software for you to install and maintain.
Can I use it on tablets and mobile phones?
Yes, Clear Review works brilliantly on all tablets and smartphones, as well as on PCs and Macs using any modern web browser.
Will our data be secure?
Clear Review is incredibly secure. All data is fully encrypted and hosted by Amazon Web Services in their secure, ISO27001 compliant data centre in Ireland.
Will Clear Review integrate with my HR system?
Absolutely. It’s easy to integrate the data in Clear Review with your HR software with our automated data imports and exports.
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