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How can the use of employee appraisal software drastically boost communication within an organisation?

Regardless of whether you’re an SME or an international conglomerate, effective communication is an integral part of your business. It is one of the most basic functions of management and improving company communication results in a number of tangible benefits. These include improved efficiency and productivity, greater innovation, higher employee morale levels and better team building. Despite this, not all companies emphasise the importance of communication and seek to improve it using modern technology.

Cloud-based software such as Clear Review’s performance review software is able to effectively and swiftly improve company-wide communication in a number of ways. In doing so, you not only significantly improve company culture; you stand to attract and retain quality employees who will drive your company forward.

Below are just a few examples of how performance appraisal software can improve communication throughout every stage of the performance management cycle.

Performance management software allows for in-the-moment feedback

Not only does feedback have to be specific, helpful and thorough; it needs to be timely, too. Instant feedback is optimal when it comes to improving communication and employee performance. Only 19% of Millennials say that they receive routine feedback from their managers, This shockingly low percentage is likely due to the fact that managers don’t have the means to deliver this feedback instantly and conveniently.

Introducing real-time feedback results in heightened employee engagement, improved relationships and increased staff retention. What’s more, providing in-the-moment feedback is simple and straightforward with the use of performance management software.

Performance management software encourages the delivery of employee recognition

Employee recognition is a form of communication that is all too often forgotten. One source shows that 22% of senior decision makers don’t believe regular employee recognition has a big influence on staff retention, while an incredible 70% of employees stated that being given more appreciation would seriously improve their motivation and morale.

Delivering employee recognition can be difficult, especially when you run a busy company. However, with the use of software, shout-outs for excellent performance can be done quickly and painlessly, which will show your employees you are aware of their efforts and you genuinely appreciate them.

See how Clear Review can simplify your performance appraisals and dramatically improve staff engagement

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Performance management software encourages employee collaboration

Increasingly, performance management software is modelling itself on social media. At Clear Review, this has led to user-friendly interfaces and mobile friendliness, which helps to improve collaboration between employees and teams. As such, communication between co-workers is vastly improved, which is critical to developing a trusting, open environment.

Performance management software keeps HR in the loop

When companies make use of cloud-based software to help support their performance management, they are able to instantly update important information from anywhere, across any device. This updates records in real time, so the HR department has access to accurate performance and development data, such as information relating to personal development and training needs, performance issues, SMART objectives and who low and high performers are. This is critical for HR managers to perform their jobs effectively.

Performance management software encourages communication between manager and employee

At Clear Review, we have built our software around the concept of continuous performance management: an approach to performance management that encourages frequent monthly check-ins between manager and employee. This frequent communication means that the formality and awkwardness traditionally associated with annual performance reviews is set aside, so a more transparent, honest relationship can begin to develop. This means that employees get the feedback they require and they feel more able to deliver feedback of their own.

Remember: though software can certainly go a long way to improving communication between employees, managers and HR, technology is still only a tool. What’s most important is the determination and persistence of an organisation to improve the frequency and value of communication, to make work life simpler, more enjoyable and more productive for everyone involved.

To find out how Clear Review can take your performance management system from good to great, get in touch for a FREE 15-minute performance management consultation. Our performance management experts will be happy to help.