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Aligned SMART Objectives

Clear Review’s performance management system empowers employees and their managers to collaborate on agreeing genuinely SMART objectives. It ensures that all objectives support the overall goals of the organisation, using a simple upwards aligning process, as recommended by management experts The Corporate Executive Board. Objectives can be added and updated at any point in the year, reflecting the reality of today’s fast-moving organisations, and employees can update their progress online as they work towards achieving their goals.

Performance Management System SMART Objectives
Benefits of a Performance Management System Dashboard for One-to-one Meetings


Leading organisations such as Deloitte, Microsoft and Adobe have centred their performance management around employees and their managers having regular check-ins (one-to-one conversations) throughout the year. Check-ins ensure that objectives stay on track and enable obstacles and issues to be addressed promptly. We’ve integrated check-ins into Clear Review so that employees or their managers can capture the action points and any important notes from one-to-one meetings online. And to ensure agreed actions are followed through, Clear Review sends out helpful email reminders.

Our Performance Management System Enables Real-Time Feedback

Studies have found that fair and accurate feedback can increase performance by a massive 39%, yet too often, feedback is not shared until weeks or even months after the event. Clear Review enables feedback to be given in-the-moment, maximising the impact, and giving it is quick and easy using either a smartphone, tablet or desktop. Feedback can be given by peers as well as managers, and individuals can also request feedback at any time.

Performance Management System Dashboard showing Real-Time Feedback

Hassle-Free Performance Reviews

Our innovative Viewpoints feature enables managers to complete performance reviews in minutes rather than hours. You can configure a set of questions, or ratings, for managers to answer for each of their team members. Because Clear Review encourages regular check-ins and feedback throughout the year, managers answers are more informed as they are not based on the outcome of a single appraisal meeting. Clear Review compiles all the data into Excel for you to feed into your reward, promotion and talent planning processes.

Performance Management System Review Dashboard
Personal Development Plan

Personal Development Plans

Research has shown that personal development is a key driver of employee performance and engagement. Yet personal development plans are often written down then filed away in a draw and forgotten about. Clear Review ups the ante on personal development by encouraging employees to create a set of SMART personal development objectives that can be updated and reviewed online throughout the year. HR can collate the personal development and training needs of the entire organisation in a single click and download them to Excel for analysis.

Lightning Fast Reports

HR and senior management need visibility of performance data from across the organisation and Clear Review gives this to them in a flash. Our reports enable HR to monitor the quality of objectives being set, how frequently employees are checking in and feedback given and received over any chosen period. HR and senior management can also analyse progress against objectives, personal development and training needs as well as responses from performance reviews in order to inform reward and promotion decisions.

Performance Management Reports Software Dashboard

An example of one of our video guides

Video Guidance

Managers and employees need to have the appropriate skills and knowledge to be able to manage performance effectively. We know that organisations do not always have the time or budget to run training in performance management skills, so Clear Review comes with a number of short, animated video guides on topics such as setting objectives, giving feedback and holding performance conversations. And if you’d prefer to use your own guidance instead, that’s no problem, you can just switch ours off.

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